GUN - villinlännen seikkailu, josta ei tunnelmaa puutu. Oikeasti kuudestilaukeava kourassa alkaa arvostaa tarkkoja osumia. Monipuolinen juonnen kerronta ja paaljon paljon tehtävää ja pelattavaa.

Tarkista näyttävät tuotekuvat.

* New and savage ways to punish: Stealthily sneak up and attack your enemies, use them as cover, stab, shoot, or scalp them. Blast away and watch the aftermath, shoot guns out of enemy hands, or destroy with dynamite.
* Extensive variety of missions and game play: Wage war on horseback, commandeer trains, protect whores, collect bounties, play poker, hunt buffalo, and more.
* Multiple game play styles include: precision shooting, stealth tactics, and use of explosives.
* Embark on numerous side missions that allow you to master gun slinging and horse riding.
* Unlock secret weapons and upgrade your skills and abilities to improve your weapon and equipment performance.
* Brutal realism: Act as a gunslinger protecting righteousness, or seek retribution as you face corrupt lawmen, warring tribes, cold-blooded outlaws, and ruthless renegades.
* Encounter legendary gunfighters such as JJ Webb. Employ a multitude of authentic weapons including: Six shooters, shotguns, Gatling guns, flaming arrows, hatchets, dynamite, and more.
* Expansive interactive world: Play an extensive variety of exciting missions as you journey west across the new frontier. Ride on horseback through the scenic, yet dangerous Western terrain of canyons, mountains, plains, forests, gold mines and towns.

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