After the great success of the previous Combat of Giants titles, Dinosaurs 3D pushes the thrill to bigger heights by immersing the player in an immersive 3D cataclysmic Jurassic world!

Players will discover new exclusive combat features and impressive environments. They will enjoy roaming breathtaking environments and have a great time customizing, controlling, and battling giant dinosaurs!

Show your mastery in defeating your enemies during real-time combat sessions and unite forces to restore peace on the ancient land

GREAT 3D GRAPHICS: High-res graphics with dynamic shadows, normal maps and speculars for the best-looking game
Full 3D Start menu with rotating planets
Full 3D Customization menu
Full 3D Exploration and fights
Choose your favorite Dinosaur among 18 breeds (such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor…) grouped into 4 families: Predators, Horned, Thanks & Stegosaurus, Small Smarts
Customize your Dinosaur with 30 color options and 6 different stripe patterns
Use special marketing unlocks codes to
Unlock 28 additional creatures to reach a total of 46 different creatures to play with!
Unlock 2 additional stripe patterns for a total of 8 patterns.
EXPERIENCE REAL TIME ATTACKS / DEFENSES AT THEIR BEST: 6 real-time actions: Fencing, blocking, evading, hitting, pushing, and combo
New "Ring Out" tactical combat feature to push your opponent out of the ring
New combat system based on attack / counterattack actions where you have to learn your opponents’ fight patterns to defeat them
Defeat all enemies in 5 consecutive maps with a same dinosaur to reach the Champion status. Once you have raised 4 champions, you can confront the evil Arkosaurus
EXPLORATION – IMMERSE IN THE CATACLYSMIC JURASSIC WORLD: Roam the Jurassic world in full 3D and feel the depth of the breathtaking landscapes
Get special rewards by interacting with other living creatures and by crushing trees and rocks
Collect bones & items to unlock new special characters strengthen your dinosaur and learn cool facts
Dive into a cataclysmic Jurassic world and face 3 different disasters (Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, Meteor rain). The cataclysm intensifies after time and really impacts gameplay
Strong storytelling supported by 3D scenes between exploration and combat
NEW FEATURES! COLLECT AND TRADE ITEMS: Collect and trade over 500 items to build an impressive collection for a gameplay advantage
Collect bones to unlock 3D skeletons in your museum and also unlock 4 new creepy playable characters
Collect combat items to strengthen your dinosaur and unlock 24 cool facts about dinosaurs
Trade in multiplayer mode to obtain the rarest items (4 levels of rarity)
Identify the items you are willing to trade
Active trading: Trade items live with your friends
Passive trading: Continue trading items by carrying your game everywhere using the Chance Encounter feature

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