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2010 FIFA World Cup käytetty PS3



FIFA 10 is already the greatest football sim ever made but EA has upgraded and repurposed it to create the definitive World Cup tie-in and the official video game of the 2010 South African event.You don't just get to play in the tournament itself though, but as many of the qualification rounds as you're interested in. Whether you choose to play as one of the early favourites or try and take a minnow like Luxembourg to global glory every option is available.

The basic gameplay works similarly to FIFA 10, but with a new penalty shootout system and new adapted features for the high altitude South African stadia, that accurately simulate the effects of fatigue. With crowds and fans replicated as realistically as the players themselves this has all the features of the regular FIFA games with all the atmosphere of the greatest show on Earth.
Key Features

African Cup: Play in the greatest sporting spectacle in history and ensure the end result goes your way in this officially licensed tie-in.
World Players: Play as any of 199 national teams that took part in the 2010 qualification rounds, from England and Brazil to Iceland and Madagascar.
Home Advantage: All 10 official World Cup stadia are simulated in exacting detail, with visiting players suffering from early fatigue at higher altitudes
Custom Team: Play Captain Your Country mode with up to three friends and create your own player to take to glory - or import your existing one from FIFA 10.
World Class: Play online as your chosen country and rack up your own individual and team points to push your nation to the top of the global leaderboard.

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