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1945 I & II The Arcade Game uusi PS2




In case you haven’t figured it out already Strikers 1945 1+2 is a collection of 2 classic space shooters or shmups now what defines a shmup exactly? Well for one thing “forced scrolling” which is exactly what it says your forced to move through the level. Another aspect would have to be lives, stock or fighters next would be playtime no shooter I have ever played (and I have played quite a few) have been longer than 90 minutes without doing a “loop” which means playing through the game again with the same score on a higher difficulty. Next we have the boss battles every shmup has them some more than others with forgettable bosses and memorable ones and some just close to impossible. Finally we have one of the last aspects but certainly not the least what the shmup fans go for after they beat the game yes the infamous HIGH SCORE that’s what keeps the fans (including me myself ) coming back for more. Ok so now that you know the basics of a shmup let’s get down to the review for both games.

49.00 €

Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää