game for 1 - 4 players.

An Execution Force is a highly specialised ad hoc formation comprised of the most deadly Imperial Assassins from every Temple, dispatched by their Temple Masters under the direct orders of the High Lords of Terra to take out the most deadliest of targets – in this case, to stop a Chaos Sorcerer from completing his dark rituals to destroy a star system.

* 4 completely new Imperial Assassins, also usable in 40K; Callidus, Cullexus, Eversor and Vindicare. Rules for 40K are found in White Dwarf 65.
* Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord/ Chaos Familiar (43-12)
* 3 Chaos Space Marines (35-31, push fit)
* 15 Chaos Cultists (3x 35-34, push fit)
* Rulebook
* Board
* Cards
* Counters
* Dice (=everything you need to play!)

Lisää Achievementtejä White Dwarf 95:ssa.
Säännöt Daemon Price:lle White Dwarf 99

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Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää

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