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Anno 1503 The New World käytetty PC



Unique blend of real-time strategy with the depth of an empire-building epic.
Compete against computer-controlled players and interact with nine different cultures from the 16th Century - each with their own personal traits and unique characteristics.
Settle in climates as diverse as frozen tundra, bleak deserts and lush jungles - each with their own unique natural resources, vegetation, wildlife and terrain.
New combat system - vary your tactics based on the opponent, terrain and weaponry.
Enhanced AI - differences in cultures lead to a variety of behaviors and interactions.
Over 250 authentic building types including tobacco plantations, watchtowers and cannon foundries.
Several gameplay modes - Single Scenario, Campaign, Open-Ended and Multiplayer modes.

14.90 €

Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää