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ancient conquest käytetty PC



14 missions in the Golden Fleece campaign.
40 individual missions outside the campaign.
Build your own fleet, explore the world on board the legendary Argo.
Earn money by acquiring natural riches - catch fish, collect amber and Lewiatan paws.
Fight mythological monsters and wizards, defeat harps, jellyfish, cyclopes, minotaurs, sharks, swordsmen, crocodiles and sea snakes.
face up to disasters and the ruthless hordes of Persians and barbarians.
Engage mythical heroes in your ranks and use their mythical skills.
Build temples and discover 12 magical technologies to help you fight enemies.
Attack enemy ships by murdering, brawling or shelling them.
Choose the weaponry for your fleet and fortress.

14.90 €

Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää